Hi, I'm Brian. I've been a professional real estate photographer for over 8 years and have shot over 2,500 properties across the Chicago-land area. I've shot everything from small studio apartments to 10,000 sqft commercial buildings.

In 2014, I traveled to Nashville and got certified by HouseLens. I learned how to shoot real estate: photography, walk-through video, agent on camera, HDR, twilight, elevated-shots, green screen, and more.

Since then, I've been involved with all kinds of real estate related photography. I've shot houses, apartments, condos, and commercial properties for HouseLens, exteriors for CoStar, and REO properties for Altisource. I also did photos, interviews, and webisodes for the Garcilazo Group and had my work featured on Remodeling magazine.

In addition to real estate, I've worked in many other categories of photography as well including: portraits, auto, sports, family, and all kinds of events.

I've also managed product photography for GE Healthcare and Heartstrings Holdings.

Besides holding cameras, I actually enjoy programming a lot too and made this entire website on my own all by hand.